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Investment Property Management

"Know where your investment property is positioned at all times

in all aspects"

An Investment Property is purchased as a financial and tax vehicle, so it makes sense to have it managed by professionals experienced and accredited in finance and tax.

GYEA Property Management provides traditional property management services combined with: 

  • Live reporting of Banking and Loan balances and transactions

  • Live reporting of Income and Expenses including upcoming amounts Payable and Receivable.  

  • EOFY Tax forecasting on profit and loss

  • Property Appraisal forecasts and estimated Capital Gains tax


Existing Property Management fee match    +    Complimentary year end Individual Taxation returns **

   ** For the individual registered property owner(s) or director(s) of a corporate entity only (Max 2).

  • Fixed price for service and calculation is based on tailoring a comparable service offering to your existing property agent and management services. 

  • Where there may be divergences, we will work with you to come to amicable fee arrangement and therefrom service offering. 


Request an obligation free call today, from our managing director rather than a BDM

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We endeavour to respond within 48 hours.

"A traditional property manager isn't accredited to provide tax advice pertaining to either negative gearing or forecasted capital gains tax based on the market movement of the asset. 

GYEA is accredited to do both whilst conducting traditional property management"


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