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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits.

"GYEA as a modern, sophisticated and innovative enterprise takes its social and corporate responsibilities quite seriously as reflected by participating in or supporting the following initiatives"

Future Generation Movement 
Australian chapter

GYEA and its director have supported the Future Generation movement (Australian chapter) since 2014. 


GYEA director has conducted quantitative analysis and written academic literature and draft legislative amendments on a number of concerning issues expected to impact the children of today and their children, in terms of compromising their 

welfare and economic prosperity as a result of the poor economic, fiscal and political decisions made by today's leaders and various levels of government. 

Our Lady of Lourdes
Catholic Primary School - Sunnybank 

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School prides itself on the spirit that can be found in our students, teachers, sports teams, achievements, friendships and approach to learning.


Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School is a co-educational school with a current enrolment of 500 students from Prep through to Year 6, offering the latest in teaching and learning, technology, extracurricular activity, and the benefits of being a high quality inclusive Catholic school.

GYEA supports Our Lady of Lourdes primary school via the provision of service vouchers for fundraising purposes and is a Gold sponsor of the school's fete. 

Natural Resources and Efficiency 
Power and Fuel usage 

GYEA powers its office space entirely from natural resources acquired via its large solar array system and as required when the sun is not shining or at night its power wall reserves. 

Over the past 2 years GYEA has not incurred power usage from the 'grid' in the provision of its services.  

The additional benefit of maintaining power reserves is that business services are not interrupted during unplanned power shortages or natural disasters. We share all of these resources and benefits with our affiliated businesses. 

Surplus feed in tariffs over the period of each financial year cover the costs pertaining to our phones and internet meaning we literally operate without most overheads, resulting in us being able to offer mates rates on service fees. 

As pre COVID, post COVID we will also endeavour to be onsite and mobile instead of confined to the office. 

With this in mind all of our business vehicles have their own accolades pertaining to carbon emissions and therefrom their footprint. GYEA maintains a combination of the following to enable its personnel to be mobile in the most fuel efficient and carbon efficient manner possible: 

  • Fuel efficient and Hybrid motor vehicles using a mean 4.9L per 100 kilometres. 

  • Honda Grom motor cycles using 2.1L per 100 kilometres. 

  • Valk e-bikes 

  • Segway ninebot scooters. 

On average over the past 4 years for every 100 kilometres travelled locally and within the service area, our average fuel usage has been around 3.1L per 100 kilometres or around $24.00 per week. Another overhead reduced for cost effectiveness. 

Local Community
Jmiboomba / Tamborine / Yarrabilba 
Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 11.02.16 am.png

With GYEA being based in Yarrabilba QLD, it aims to allocate between 2% and 5% of its assessable net profit back into the local community it is a part of as direct initiatives and supplementarily aims to spend in the local community for everyday business, household and lifestyle expenditure. 

This percentage is correlated to the % of service fees charged on business services as a percentage of service fees derived on business turnovers within. 

Examples of past allocations include sponsorship of the Yarrabilba Cane Toads and Mustangs Football Clubs. 

If you have any ideas about a funding initiative, enquire per the link below. 😉

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