Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits.

"GYEA as a modern, sophisticated and innovative enterprise takes its social and corporate responsibilities quite seriously as reflected by participating in or supporting the following initiatives"

Future Generation Movement 
Australian chapter

GYEA and its director have supported the Future Generation movement (Australian chapter) since 2014. 


GYEA director has conducted quantitative analysis and written academic literature and draft legislative amendments on a number of concerning issues expected to 

impact the children today and their children, in terms of compromising their welfare and economic prosperity as a result of the poor economic, fiscal and political decisions made by today's leaders and various levels of government. 

Our Lady of Lourdes
Catholic Primary School - Sunnybank 

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School prides itself on the spirit that can be found in our students, teachers, sports teams, achievements, friendships and approach to learning.


Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School is a co-educational school with a current enrolment of 500 students from Prep through to Year 6, offering the latest in teaching and learning, technology, extracurricular activity, and the benefits of being a high quality inclusive Catholic school.

GYEA supports Our Lady of Lourdes primary school via the provision of service vouchers for fundraising purposes and is a Gold sponsor of the school's fete. 

Natural Resources and Efficiency 
Power and Fuel usage 

GYEA despite operating three auxiliary and mobile offices whilst operating up to 6 days a week for over 12 hours per day, deploy some of the most powerful resources in terms of technology, but also strategically selects the most efficient technology in terms of kWh usage per year. 


This methodology further extends to the offices lighting and heating and cooling. 

These initiatives over the past two years have resulted in GYEA light, power and heating costs averaging $2.50 per day or around than $900 per year. 


We don't, however, stop there, going one step further with our mobility. 


GYEA deploys its fleet of motorcycles for localised travel around the Gold Coast and Brisbane surrounds allowing for reduced travel times in heavy traffic whilst consuming an average combined 2.5L per 100km. 

For interstate travel and travel to primary production clients GYEA deploys a combination of fuel efficient 4WDs, Hybrid SUVs and hatch back vehicles with an average combined fuel efficiency of 6.5L per 100km. 


Benefit-cost analysis identifies the total acquisition and running costs inclusive of fuelling, servicing, insurance and maintenance of the five vehicles combined over a period of 5 years is less than the average accountant or real estate agent will expend on a singular vehicle over the same duration, without the ability to multi-purpose, deploy vehicles to multiple staff and tasks as required.


Local Community
Jmiboomba / Tamborine / Yarrabilba 

In January 2020, Gen Y Enterprises Australia (GYEA) relocated its main office and home encompassing its founding director to the growing and family orientated local community of Yarrabilba after identifying its potential from both a family and business perspective. 

Consistent with GYEAs' focus on CSR and support for the local community, GYEA is looking for new prospects to support from both a resource and financial aspect. 

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