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Advanced Business Management (ABM)

"ABM otherwise known as Strategic Business Management or Business Consultancy is for those enterprises that want a competitive edge in growing and maintaining their 

equity and net returns other than reliance on

tax strategy or natural business growth."

The quantitative or financial aspects of business operations are only part of a more holistic business model.  

Businesses that also give consideration to the qualitative aspects of their business model will usually find themselves more robust during times of external turbulence as well as being more agile in implementing change for the purposes of competitive advantage against peers.

"ABM is segregated between 5 core units each containing supplementary modules so that ABM can be applied holistically or in components as required by the enterprise."

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"GYEA is regularly contracted out by both the public and private sector for the purposes of ABM needs analysis and service implementation. 

Similarly, GYEA loves to create, build and develop businesses, organisations, companies and groups that are innovative and robust, and that can make a difference in an ever changing world well into the foreseeable future."


If you feel that your business may benefit from ABM or if you have any questions in relation ABM and its appropriateness to your enterprise, don't hesitate to contact us via one of the methods below for a complimentary no obligation consultation and / or discussion. 

Request an obligation free call today, from our managing director rather than a BDM

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