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Done for Mates

By Mates

At Mates Rates 


Despite using all reasonable attempts and diligence to structure our products and services to a variety of individuals, services and industries, we are completely understanding that these may still not be a perfect fit for all entities, individuals, circumstances and environments. 

If you have been referred to us by one of our existing clients, or have heard about us from one of our clients or other social means and are interested in tabling something different to us service or fee wise, please get in touch. 

As a matter of fact after needs analysis and discussion usually over a beer, coffee or lunch, around 75% of our existing clients have hybrid or tailored products and services, that suit them and us. 

If you are interested in ​discussing something different suitable to your needs and requirements, contact us via the button below telling us about yourself, your financial and business (where applicable) requirements and what you wish to achieve, as well as your desired service offering and we will have our director touch base with you shortly to discuss a face to face catch up over a beer, coffee or lunch to discuss tactics. 

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