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GYEA Capital is an internal income subsidisation, capital raising and risk management entity,  rather than a publicly available client service.


GYEA Capital allows its director to utilise inherent market knowledge together with his ASX derivatives advisor accreditation and knowledge, to take leveraged market positions via derivatives trading in commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies, exchange-traded equities and market indices.


GYEA Capital may maintain up to $6 million in leveraged exposure invested within the day and overnight markets. 


GYEA Capital was envisaged and therefrom brought into the wider GYEA business model in 2018 by its director. 


GYEA Capital not only allows the broader business to subsidise the cost of its service to its financial accounting and tax clientele to well below that of an equivalent financial professional, but also results in it maintaining a rare but fundamental business phenomena known as a negative Weighted Average Cost of Capital (-WACC). 


Operating with a -WACC means GYEA can self-generate internal financing for cash flow and capital growth purposes, without the need for reliance on external financing methods incurring interest and repayment obligations to third parties. 

As a risk management tool GYEA Capital also was established to allow GYEA to operate without clientele at all in a worst case scenario, such as severe economic or fiscal disaster or disruption. In correlation GYEA Capitals' most proficient and profitable year of trading was that surrounding the COVID-19 events of the 2020 and subsequent 2021 financial years. 


As a result of GYEA Capital, GYEA doesn't need to charge exorbitantly and can contribute back into client subsidisation and social causes and objectives as a result of diversifying its revenue earning abilities between Active (client related) and Passive (investment) Income. 


In compliance with ASICs licensing regulations for the purposes of investor protection, Gen Y Enterprises Australia cannot offer the benefits of GYEA Capital to members of the public and/or clients in common.

Gen Y Enterprises Australia alternatively for the moment chooses to pass on the indirect benefits of GYEA Capital's operations via subsidising reduced service fees and offering tailored (bespoke) product and service offerings to its financial accounting and tax clients. 

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