"A Business is a timely and costly investment, that doesn't need to be compromised when elements that can't be controlled, change around it."

Business Financial Services are the best insurance a business has to ensure its longitivtiy and robustness relative to its financial performance, financial position and market competitiveness.

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Hourly Rates also available for Accounting and Taxation (Director proficiency) and Accounting and Bookkeeping (Accountant grade).


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As a general rule of thumb, a business should be prepared to outlay between 2% and 5% of its turnover for Financial Services depending on its business lifecycle, encompassing:

  • Financial Management (Financial Accounting, Taxation and Bookkeeping)

  • Financial Advisory and Analysis (Strategic Business Management)

  • Financial Systems (Customer Relationship Management and Financial Accounting Software)

A higher percentage should be anticipated when a business is in its development and establishment life cycle stages, where the business has a more comprehensive requirement for these services in combination with it having fewer internal employees and resources to assist with these functions. 

"By utilising a percentage of turnover remuneration model

instead of a fixed fee for service model, alike traditional accounting firms, a mutual incentive for the financial professional to grow and increase the market share of your business is provided,

instead of just running the figures after the fact."

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