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Business Services

"A Business is a timely and costly investment, that doesn't need to be compromised when elements that can't be controlled, change around it."

Businesses that engage proficient Financial Services professionals and systems maintain the best insurance against predicting and counteracting disruptive external factors when they occur - resulting in longitivtiy and robustness with regards to financial performance, financial positioning,

market competitiveness and risk management.

As a general rule of thumb, a business, depending on its business life cycle, should be prepared to outlay between 2% and 5% of its turnover for Financial Professionals, Services and Systems encompassing:

  • Financial Management (Financial Accounting, Taxation and Bookkeeping)

  • Financial Advisory and Analysis (Strategic Business and Operations Management)

  • Financial Systems (Customer Relationship Management and Financial Accounting Software)

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A higher percentage should be anticipated when a business is in its development and establishment life cycle stages, where the business has a more comprehensive requirement for financial services and systems in combination with it having fewer internal employees to implement. 

"By utilising a small percentage of turnover remuneration model

instead of a fixed fee for service model, there is a mutual incentive for the financial professional to grow and increase the market share and revenue of your business, much alike a real estate agent when seeking the best price possible for a property."

A Whole New World
a Whole New Way of Doing Things

As much as many of us may not like to admit it the last two years changed everything economically, socially and fiscally. 

If it wasn't COVID it would have been something else that rattled the external business environment and local economy, and similarly there will one day be something similar that will change it again. 

It was this outlook engrained in our personnel and therefrom our business clientele (our mates) that resulted in them being vigilant, robust and agile and able to implement risk mitigation techniques well before the wheel fell off the cart.

Subsequently not one of our mates lost their underlying businesses nor were they adversely effected during the pandemic and continue on to this day more vigilant and risk adverse than ever before.

We regard everyone of our clients as more like family and friends rather than simply clientele.
It is these close working and social relationships that result in our understanding that there quite simply, especially now, is not a one fits all financial services product services offering. 

What our mates businesses require are bespoke and tailored services both from
a services inclusion and pricing aspect. 

After effective needs analysis and discussion usually over a beer, coffee or lunch, around 75% of our existing clients maintain hybrid or tailored products and services,
that suit both them and us.  


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