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Why Us

  • Competitive Pricing -  over the past 9 years we have been able to match if not better 98% of existing professional service fees, where these services are conducted at arms length and domestically within Australia. 

  • Quarterly Year End Profit and Tax Forecasting - when we compile our clients BAS we provide quarterly profit and tax forecasts and guidance for end of financial year scenarios, so that tax mitigation strategies and strategic tax expenditure can be implemented incrementally. This is in comparison to around 3/4 of financial and tax accountants who provide their profit and tax forecasts in the final quarter of the financial year. 

  • ATO Audit Incidence -  currently in Australia the industry average for accounting firms incurring ATO audits or enquiries on behalf of their clients is between 2 - 3%, in comparison to GYEA's average since inception, which remains below 0.25% or ten times less likely than that of the average accounting firm. The reasons for this are simple:

- stable client base (high retention),

- client lodgement and payment conduct,

- our firms on time lodgement record (> 97% post COVID)and the

- proficiency of our firms personnel in responding to ATO enquiries. 

  • Client Satisfaction -  since inception 9 years ago, we have retained over 98% of clientele who have engaged our services. This is largely a result of us acquiring friendships not just business relationships. As a matter of fact throughout the years, we have dealt with as many matters over a Beer, Coffee or Lunch as we have in a professional Face to Face office environment. 

  • Accounting and Tax proficiency -  in 2016, GYEA’s director was regarded as the most proficient financial and tax accountant in Australia in terms of experience, knowledge and qualification. Throughout the past two decades our director has been a member of CPA, NTAA and IPA, maintains dual tax agent registrations and has extensive experience as a financial and tax accountant, financial advisor and ASX derivatives and stock trader.  

  • 100% Australian Family Owned and Operated - Since incorporation in 2013, GYEA's underlying ownership structure and philosophy has remained unchanged, with the beneficiaries of the businesses profits being the local community(s) in which the businesses co-directors and their young children reside. 

  • FREE TRIAL of Services (for Business) - With our complimentary First BAS for Business (companies, partnerships, trusts and sole traders), businesses and their proprietors can gain an insight into how we conduct our financial services allowing for an informed decision before fully engaging our services. 

About Us


Gen Y Enterprises conceptually began as a partnership in 2009 in Armidale NSW between two very young and aspiring professionals, prior to their relocation to the capital city of Brisbane which is where their professional accolades and accreditations

took them on what would become careers of a lifetime for two country kids,

with many ups and downs but absolutely no regrets. 


The simple concepts that Gen Y Enterprises were founded upon were that there were more personalised and rewarding, yet  at the same time innovative, effective and efficient ways of conducting business and business relations

from the financial, operational and social aspects of enterprise.

These personalised and charismatic traits are something that are so often missing from within traditional financial services, and as time progressed proved to be successful and in demand wants from clientele, being that of a proficient

financial services offering between mates who could relate to each other both in business and socially,

much alike would happen in a rural town rather then in a capital city. 

Upon Gen Y Enterprises growth and success Gen Y Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd or GYEA as it's known affectionally as today, was formally incorporated in 2013 in Brisbane, QLD by its founding partners.

By 2015, GYEA had well and truly established itself in South East, QLD, and had grown via acquisitions and natural growth to not only maintain a stable and growing client base servicing southern Brisbane, Beaudesert, Gold Coast, Jimboomba and Logan Village but it also found its forever home reminding its founders of their rural beginnings in a new, yet small masterplanned community with a population of less than 2,000 people that is today Yarrabilba with a population of approximately 11,300. 


By 2016, GYEAs founding director at 33 years of age was regarded as the most proficient financial and tax accountant within the confines of Australia with regards to qualification, knowledge and experience maintaining membership of dual accounting bodies (CPA and NTAA), Individual and Corporate Tax Agent registrations, as well as Financial Advisory and ASX (Derivatives) Advisor accreditations and experience. 

Today GYEA is settled in Yarrabilba QLD, which conveniently allows it to continue to service its clients in Brisbane, Beaudesert, Gold Coast and everything in between as well remotely service its broader base of clients acquired over the past 13 years across the eastern seaboard of Australia including Tasmania, as well as a number of international clients based in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, who continue to operate their domestic business interests from abroad under GYEAs’ directorship and stewardship.

In addition to its financial operations GYEA also maintains affiliation with and ownership interests in a number of locally based businesses including: 

  • Bond Corporation Holdings Pty Ltd - this one as a simple web search conveys was acquired for its nostalgia rather than its notoriety. As a second life Bond Corp will inherit GYEAs property management services and offer a holistic real estate agency solution to Yarrabilba and surrounds providing property management and sales services.     

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