Gen Y Enterprises foundations began in 2009 as a partnership in rural NSW between two young and aspiring financial professionals at an average age of 23 years, who believed in more innovative, effective and efficient ways of conducting business both operationally and financially which unfortunately is overlooked by most financial professionals.

Gen Y Enterprises (Australia) Pty Ltd or GYEA for short, as it's known as today, was formally incorporated in 2013 in Brisbane, QLD by its founding partners.

By 2015, GYEA had established itself in Sunnybank Hills, QLD, and had grown via acquisitions and natural growth to not only maintain a stable and growing client base within South East Queensland but also acquiring clients across the eastern seaboard of Australia including Tasmania, as well as a number of international clients based in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, who continue to operate their domestic business interests from abroad under GYEAs’ directorship and stewardship.

In 2016, GYEAs director at 33 years of age was regarded as the most proficient financial and tax accountant within the confines of Australia with regards to proficiency, qualification and experience maintaining membership of dual accounting bodies (CPA and NTAA), Individual and Corporate Tax Agent registrations, as well as Financial Advisor and ASX (Derivatives) Advisor accreditations and experience.

Today, GYEAs director continues to maintain a high level of proficiency acquiring a Master of Business (MBA) accreditation in 2017 and despite resigning both CPA membership and NTAA membership, has continued membership with IPA Australia after completing the IPA Professional program.

GYEAs affiliation with IPA Australia was due to the directors' personal preference to establish and affiliate himself with an innovative and advocating accounting body in lieu of those that may be considered archaic and non-evolving in today's very dynamic and volatile environments.


Over the past 7 years, not only has GYEA acquired a number of accounting enterprises and non-related business enterprises to evolve into what it is today but has also established a number of its own enterprises to supplement its core financial and accounting services including:


GYEA also utilises technology to streamline processes and systems to efficiently conduct professional services. Utilising modern Windows and Mac OS platforms and a further technology known as Blockchain to encrypt file submissions and therefrom store data.


Blockchain is the same security and encryption method that secures cryptocurrency. The combination of a main Mac OS platform in combination with Blockchain means there is virtually no risk of ransom attack and identity theft, that many accounting and financial service firms may incur unbeknown to their clientele.


GYEA is renowned by its clients for doing things ‘similarly’ in being able to apply tax-effective strategy from a quantitative aspect like any other certified accountant, but also ‘differently’ and effectively in strategic operations management which entails qualitative value-adding.

GYEA will always recommend growth strategies ahead of tax strategy whereby $0.725 in the dollar is earned and retained

after-tax via growth and lean synchronisation techniques, instead of expending funds on often unnecessary infrastructure, only to receive $0.275 back in tax credits, which unfortunately is effectively what most accounting advice and advisory consists of.